I like to share my knowledge not only via Presentations, but also via technical blog posts, or interactive learning material.

Architecture evolution: From zero to future-proof architecture at home24

Long term AWS architecture solutions where I participated while working in NFQ for home24 client.

Debugging Node.js Memory leak on Production via Shadowed traffic

Memory leaks are hard to debug, especially when using programming languages with garbage collection. At home24 we had quite a journey searching for the cause of 139 exit codes from crashed docker containers.

The outcome of the debugging was not only the fixed bug, but also an example how tools outside of the JavaScript ecosystem can help in debugging JavaScript code.


Debugging GraphQL schema change in Golang app

GraphQL was created to have stable APIs via strict schemas on a server-side and the more relaxed query/mutate/subscribe methods from the client-side. You might imagine a feeling when schema validation stops working randomly after some requests. And you might imagine that investigation of those kinds of issues are the fun ones.

How AWS handles security

Textual version of the talk with the same name.

So it would be easier to reuse the content and all links to the related material.

AWS Workshop: Dive into the Cloud

Tried some more interactive ways to share knowledge in the company internally.